Sparks 016: Zedruu the Great Personality by Owain Davies

Sparks 015: Planeswalker/Plainswalker. A comic by Owain Davies


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If you hadn’t heard ‘Five Colour Conceit’ is now called ‘Sparks’.

Don’t worry. Not really trying to make a point about sexism in Magic.
Pointing out the sexist portrayal of women in fantasy artwork is like pointing out how wrestling is fake and that the sky is blue. It’s so integral to the nature of the thing it is virtually pointless to discuss.
But whatever.
Zedruu the Greathearted pretty hot for a cow lady ay?

This comic should really have had something to do with EDH/Commander.
I love EDH/Commander.  Picked up the new Political Puppets deck and spent Sunday battling my friend’s Counterpunch deck and had a blast. They made these decks incredibly well for interesting repeat play with multiple choices of general and lot’s of interesting spells to crack out. My favourite moment was when I countered Rob’s Hex with a Wild Ricochet killing off 12 of his guys instead of 6 of mine. Well it would have been 12 of his but there was so much death flying about I had to kill off 4 of mine to make up the shortfall. 🙂

Zedruu is really my kind of card. I professed my love for Bazaar Trader in a previous entry and Zedruu is even better. Not only can you give them all your junk you collect tax for it too.
I found a few more things to give them now in addition to the things they suggested in the deck:
Pyromancer’s Swath As long as they’re not red they’re gonna lose all their hand for no benefit.
Mindcrank Ah ha now my life total is pretty much 80+ aaaaand bad luck I’ve got a Jotun Grunt (Edit: After re-reading Mindcrank’s rules it turns out this doesn’t work. I thought it replaced the life loss with a mill effect but the mill effect is in addition to the life loss. Boo!).


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