Sparks 015: Planeswalker/Plainswalker. A comic by Owain Davies

Sparks 015: Planeswalker/Plainswalker. A comic by Owain Davies


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‘Five Colour Conceit’ is being renamed. It is now called ‘Sparks’.

Yes that’s right!
Sparks is the new, catchier name for this comic.
I changed it mainly because the previous name was way to close to another MTG webcomic out there called Five Colour Control and I’d rather not get mixed up with them.

The comic is still the same with the same characters (although there is a black/green planeswalker introduced in this one) all that’s changed is the name.

This comic is, rather obscurely, about Zodiac Rooster. A card from a little known set called Portal: Three Kingdoms. It was like the regular Portal sets in that it was a simplified set made for beginners but it was also based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms in order to appeal to the Chinese market.
The card is also one of very few cards out there that can Plainswalk. Seeing as landwalking has always been about using terrain to avoid combat, stealthing your way accross an open plain is a bit of a flavour disconnect. Therefore it’s not been used much. Now with the addition of Planeswalkers the risk of homophonic confusion means we are even less likely to see one in the future.


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