Five Colour Conceit 013: Borborygmos. A comic by Owain Davies

Five Colour Conceit 013: Borborygmos. A comic by Owain Davies


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Borborygmos, Lord of the Gruul clan has a very special place in my heart along with the whole Ravnica block as it was around that time that I got back into Magic.

I really have no idea how Ravnica impacted standard or what the really good cards were at the time cos’ my meta-game in that era consisted of  ‘stuff my friend Alex would play’ and ‘stuff that I would play cos’ it was good against the stuff he had’. He liked Gruul (red/green) and so Borborygmos was a regular fixture and despite him being a giant angry monster that’d squish all my guys I was always pleased to see him.

Failing to pronounce his name I’d just call him Bobo-ma-gogo.

Anyway as you can see in his flavour text Bobo only ever issues two commands to his subordinates.

‘Crush them’ and ‘We eat!’

This doesn’t always cut it when it comes to everyday non-fighty situations.

He’s not your peace-time leader.


While doing this comic I discovered that the name Borborygmos is based on the word Borborigmus which is a word for the noise your intestines make when they rumble.

Isn’t that an awesome word?

Now try and use it in an everyday sentence without sounding like a tool.

That is my challenge to you.


Please let us know what you think below...

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