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Hi guys,

Many of you may have noticed the Questions we’ve been asking on our Facebook page; some to help provoke thoughts and discussion; others to garner opinions and feedback and all in the interest of developing the UK Magic scene.

Your feedback and opinions carry a lot of weight with us and as a direct result of our Questions and your Answers– and with help from all our regular mtgUKers –we bring to you the UK Magic Calendar!

The UK Magic Calendar is a mammoth database of all Magic related events happening within the UK, and not only that but also all Pro Tours, Grand Prixs and any other major Magic events taking place around the World as well as online. It is a simple, convenient and powerful tool to have at your disposal and it is completely free to use in every day and in any way.

A Powerful Tool For Players – Players will benefit from having an in depth and snapshot view of all events taking each month, every month. Equipped with this information you will be able to plan which Magic events you can take part in and arrange, in advance, Magic road trips with your friends. All this information under one roof.

Increase Event Visibility and Turnout – Tournament organisers, shop owners & managers and judges are encouraged to email us ( your event details. You can also send us your event information by messaging us on Facebook or sending us a Facebook invite to your event. We endevour to add the information as quickly and accurately as possible. Together we will help more players attend more events, all you have to do is let us know if-and-when the information needs updating.

Free 3 x Booster Packs for Comments? – Thats right guys, we said we value your feedback and discussions and we’re not joking. This month sees the roll-out of our new incentive program: 3 x Booster Packs for free to the person who posts the most comment that month.

We’ve installed a brand-spanking-new Monthly Top Commentators widget (on the middle, right-hand-side there) which counts and ranks who has posted the most comments each month. All you have to do is let us know your thoughts and feelings on any posts by leaving your comments or replying to other peoples comments. Then at the end of each month we will send out 3 x Booster Packs of the latest Magic: The Gathering set to the person who has posted the most comments for free!

As always, I look forward to hearing how you feel about this or anything else you would like to share,

Tu Nguyen

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