National Qualifier Reading – RUG 1st Place by Mark Aylett

National Qualifier Reading – RUG 1st Place by Mark Aylett

So wake up early Sunday morning and text a friend to say I have decided to go to Reading and if he wants to come he has to be waiting by the local KFC in 20 minutes… Grabbed the sat-nav and headed out for what I think will be a long day, after picking up Lewis I find that the bloody sat-nav doesn’t think Eclectic Games address exists so we have to rely on his Blackberry and multiple phone calls to the shop in order to get there on time.

Sign up buy the last few cards for the sideboard and register the following trash:

4 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
2 Precursor Golem
1 Garruk Wildspeaker
4 Lotus Cobra
1 Oracle of Mul Daya
4 Mana Leak
4 Explore
4 Preordain
4 Lightning Bolt
1 Avenger of Zendikar
4 Inferno Titan

4 Misty Rainforest
3 Copperline Gorge
2 Mountain
6 Island
4 Raging Ravine
3 Forest
4 Scalding Tarn
1 Halimar Depths


4 Flashfreeze
4 Pyroclasm
3 Tumble Magnet
1 Deprive
1 Jace Beleren
1 Frost Titan
1 Wurmcoil Engine

Yep I know where are the Baloths, well I don’t play much standard anymore and I had already spent a whole 50p on a Flashfreeze and didn’t want to buy 5pound Baloths so I made do with what I had on me.

People will have to forgive me as I didn’t write down names only what they played so on to the playing.


RD 1 vs Kibler U/B infect.

I win the roll and keep a hand with 3 land (1 fetch) cobra and gas, play cobra on turn 2 which he kills and then never draw a 5th land. I bring in the 3 Tumble Magnets and all the 1 of’s for the 2 golems, the garruk, oracle, 1 bolt and 2 inferno titan.

Game 2 I keep a hand of 5 land cobra and tumbles, and proceed to draw 2 more cobra’s and 1 more magnet, my opponent however drew even more land than me and couldn’t get past the magnets and died to 10 attacks from the only cobra to stay alive.

Game 3 I kept a much better hand and made an avenger on turn 7 with 8 land in play and a fetch to turn all my men in tanks. I felt pretty lucky after this match as I should never have won game 2 but still can only beat whats in front of you.

RD 2 vs Tezz Infect.

Game 1 is pretty silly as I ramp straight up to titan use it and lightning bolt to kill his threats, 2 attacks later and the pad reads 0. I sideboard exactly the same as for Match 1.

Game 2 he muls to 5 and sighs, I play Lotus Cobra, tumbles and then a second cobra into avenger with him on 4 land nothing to help.

RD 3 I.D vs Caw – Go.

I get paired against the guy I drove here, so we work out that if we I.D then win out we both make it where as the loser might not on tie breakers, and with 45 minutes spare we get to play Legacy, which all the judges seem far more interested in than the standard event 🙂 We also have time for lunch since every round is going to time for some reason and so after a feast of sausage roll and sandwich its off to…

RD 4 vs Wafa Tapa U/B.

Game 1 I play cobra which gets its throat slashed, and follow up with a titan after he has played a Jace and brainstormed. Apparently his brainstorm showed him land land discard spell and he quickly lost to the titan. I sideboard the same again (lots of U/B lol).

But in Game 2 get utterly trounced by Liliana Vess and Grave Titan, which I basically have 0 answer’s for 🙁

For game 3 I take back out the Tumbles and bring in Garruk, oracle and a Titan realizing that he’s just going to kill me when I have 0 cards and tumbles doesn’t help much at that stage.

Game 3 I keep a 1 land Preordain hand and get to go turn 2 Explore + land and turn 3 Explore + land, must be nice right? After which I resolve a Garruk and beat him down with beasts + Raging Ravine with Mana Leak back up and a baby Jace sat on 1 counter just so he can’t get out of it by playing a Jace of his own.

After RD 4 I found out that my mate lost to the dude I played in round 1 by keeping a 1 land pre-ordain hand so I feel the cosmos has balanced everything out my way 😛

RD 5 vs RUG.

I get paired up against the only undefeated player who is also playing RUG. He’s really worried because he has never played the mirror and this is the only qualifier he can get to…

Game 1 comes down to a turn where I play a Lotus Cobra with 7 land in play, follow up with a fetch, while he then bolts the cobra, I then get to play my Golem onto the board of his Titan + ravine.  He doesn’t top anything and just attacks with titan + ravine killing a Golem and trading his titan with the rest of the Golems. I then top Jace which resolves, and Jace gives me enough gas to race his ravine. I board in the Tumbles, Jace, Deprive and Frosty for Golems, 2 titans and 2 Mana leak.

Game 2 ends up with me having to race a cobra, Jace, titan and ravine vs my ravine– and because I have double tumbles wins me the game as I have enough mana to keep double pumping and on the final turn pump + activate second ravine for lethal.


So I win the tournament, the dude who I played in the final round makes it in 3rd and 1 unlucky guy missed out on 12 points, my mate also got paired up in the final round and dreamcrushed a guy who could have made top 3 and ended up coming in 5th. All this and it was still only 4 in the afternoon– Bo Yah!

Thanks for reading,



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