Altering Commander – Go Fetch! by James Griffin

Altering Commander: The Sissay Project by James Griffin


I love fetch lands.

In an optimized EDH mana base, you should be able to nab any colour mana you want for your deck with them, and you can in my Captain Sisay list.  They are also some  of the more premium cards in the deck, and I really wanted to do a good job with these standard legal powerhouses.  I haven’t put together any full art alters without text yet, and as such this was a good opportunity to do so with three of the coolest cards that all have pretty good artwork on them:

I use an airbrush first to blacken the text boxes.  I’m not too worried by the little sticky out bits either side of the ‘Land’ and the Zendikar set symbol, I’ll sort that last.  I mask each one separately and spray them in lots of thin layers of black paint.  It doesnt sit well over the layer of the print to begin with but I soon get a result.

What follows is a bit of a picture diary of the painting of each of these.  Enjoy!

Misty Rainforest

Marsh Flats

Verdant Catacombs

The completed lands

(with the edge bits painted over)


I hope you like this visual journey through what has been a pretty time consuming process (each of these has taken hours).  I have another thing though, allow me to commend Jeremy Froggat’s articles, they are beginning to review the best of the alters from around the world – enjoy.

Next time a progress update on the Sisay project, I’m only a few cards away from completing the deck, so join me then for many pretty pictures.

Keep painting!



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