Drafting With Matteo – MSS Draft 1 with Matteo Orsini Jones

Bringing it Back with Baneslayers – PTQ Reading Report *1st* by Matteo Orsini Jones

Hi all,

Time for a draft today. Let’s get straight into it shall we?


This seemed to be another case of the packs not really working out – The 5th pick Imp should be a fairly good sign that the two people to my left (at least) were avoiding black and/or infect, so the fact that the picks dried up quickly in the later packs can’t have been down to signal reading unless the Besieged packs were particularly stacked (which, again, was something I couldn’t avoid). The Scars packs started out fine, but I just didn’t see that many good commons – in particular none of the “common” print run of Plague Stinger, Ichorclaw Myr and Tel-Jilad Fallen. The deck is by no means bad – in fact the power level is fairly high, but it’s also lacking in some key aspects for a poison deck, namely curve and mana consistency.

Round 1.

Aside from the slight mana issues (expected with this deck) this round went pretty much to plan – my opponent wasn’t really in the first game, even with the Skinrender, and then in the second game he was a little light on spells which meant I was able to take control using my power/inevitability (Trigon, Mortarpod, Arbalest). I’m not sure whether giving him a Flesh-Eater was correct because it could have actually cost me the game if he had removal for my version – he didn’t, which was nice, but I was certainly running a risk. Was there a better line of play?

Round 2.

In hindsight, I probably should have killed that Perilous Myr game 1 as I ended up taking a LOT of damage from it, pretty much costing me the game. Then again, I couldn’t have known that a) he didn’t really have much action b) his Chrome Steed wouldn’t be metalcrafted and c) he’s have the ideal removal spell for my Fallen, so I think it might have just been the way the cookie crumbled. Drawing all lands certainly didn’t help, but I don’t think I can put that all down to luck. Game 2 was a bit of a shame too because I enjoyed the slog and having to fight back into the game after the initial mana stumbles. If I’d drawn the 2nd swamp earlier instead of 5 Forests (with a 9/9 split) The game would have been easy, but I was almost “expecting” a comeback from me, which is why the Vampires took my by surprise. Putting him dead next turn reduced his outs, but it also left me open to the metalcraft drain, so it begs the question of should I have played it safe and Grasped the Scudder, made Imp and equipped? Again, hindsight is 20:20, but I still have that nagging feeling of how things could have gone differently

thanks for watching, and tune in next time when I might actually win one for once!



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