SoM-MBS Sealed Deck 1 with Matteo Orsini Jones

Bringing it Back with Baneslayers – PTQ Reading Report *1st* by Matteo Orsini Jones

Hi guys,

Welcome to my 1st Mirrodin Besieged sealed deck video on mtgUK. Lets see how it goes!

Deck Building.

I made out in the video that this deck was complete garbage, but in hindsight it wasn’t so bad. Precursor Golem is a bomb with Red Sun’s Zenith and Chimeric Mass acting as “borderline bombs”, the latter being searchable with Trinket Mage to make it slightly better than it really is. Although Ideally you just open Hoard Smelter Dragon and Sunblast Angel and take it from there, this pool was a nice excercise in how to build a deck that doesn’t have only 1 buildable option. Although it wasn’t stacked with power or removal, it did have a decent number of playables (as seen when I come to cutting cards) and a solid curve with some amount of card advantage (Trinket Mage, Trigon, Flamefiend). It’s not the most impressive-looking pool, but it’s also not quite as bad as it looks on paper.

Round 1.

This round was a nice example of the benefits of having midrange and lategame cards in sealed over the cheap tricksy ones. Thrumming Bird, Throne of Geth, Vector Asp et al seem like they make quite the potent combo, but without the more powerful spells to force the combos through they just straight folded to a blocker. Admittedly my Precursor Golem turned up to offer a helping hand both games, but overall the point still stands – try not to build decks that are all cheap synergistic spells, because the games where you’re a little flooded or your opponent makes a bunch of 3/3s all you really want is an Alpha Tyrannax. Drafts are a little different because you have more control over crafting your deck, but I find in sealed you should generally put more focus on curve and inevitability.

Round 2.

There’s not much to say here other than the fact that I need to take note of what Mirran Spy does and learn not to take risks when I don’t need to. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but I’ve lost so many games to keeping 1 landers when mulliganing to 6 is an option (keeping 1 land out of 5 cards is more excusable) that I should really stop doing that. Other than that, game 1 was pretty much always mine, while the second was pretty much always his.

Round 3.

Game 1 was pretty much just a case of “good card is good” with Precursor Golem showing up and ending the game right there, but game 2 was at least a little better. Again, the lategame durability of my deck shined with the Mirran Spy providing the defence I needed for the other cards in my deck to provide enough value (Trinket Mage, Firefiend) to eventually overwhelm him with fatties. Looking back over it I probably did want to kill Plague Myr after all – a Flayer Husk isn’t really doing much when all my guys are derfs. Oddly, the Zenith always seems to show up and not really be needed, in that either I don’t even case it or I cast it to simply speed up the game by a turn even though I’m not losing on the swing back. Maybe it’s not that good? Or maybe my deck just isn’t set up to make use of it (in that it’s better when your deck goes bash bash bash run out of steam Blaze you, whereas this one goes defend defend defend make a Chimeric Mass / Precursor Golem kill you).

Round 4.

Dodged that bullet! Once again, my bomb showed up and did its thing. I got pretty lucky to not have to face the large number of bombs my opponent had but then that’s magic. I’m pretty glad with 3-1 and the potential to win round two had I mulliganed considering I thought the deck was abysmal. Just goes to show – never give up hope!


Thanks for watching & reading,

MatteobbbOrsini Jones


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