Mirrodin Besieged Sealed Deck Challenge & Release Event Report by Gaz Hirst

Releasing the Siege! A story about love, victory, solace, friendship, women, respect and some tips for the up-and-comers by Chris Fernandez

Sealed, always a tough format… Tight technical play and good deck building are key points in success but inevitably there will always come that day when the card gods are just not gonna smile on you.

Today was that day.

After the initial excitement of opening my boosters and checking down what the goods were I found myself in a somewhat awkward position… How do you build a deck with a pool like this?

Here’s the breakdown of what I got…



1x Crush



1x Steady Progress
1x Oculus
1x Neurok Invisimancer
1x Vault Skyward
1x Steel Sabotage


My intial response to this pool was it was not to bad until breaking the deck into its constituent parts. The breakdown goes like this, 46 Creatures, 6 Artifacts, 6 Sorceries, 3 Enchantments and 13 Instants. Let’s briefly look at these parts in a bit more detail…

First up, creatures… of the 46, 26 of the guys cost 4+ mana so the curve is looking pretty steep with only 6 infect guys. Sorceries and instants up next; only 5 removal spells and 2 of them are conditional so not ideal. Finally, artifacts and enchantments… Not a lot there bar the Lux Cannon and the Painful Quandary.

The Initial Build…

First round, I built the deck around a red/white strategy, hoping to throw down as many small bodies as possible then drop the fat battlecry guys to finish the job as the majority of my 3 or less guys were in these colours and with the Concusive bolt, Pure the Impure and Blisterstick I had a small amount of removal. I feel that with the advent of infect becoming a viable and dangerous limited mechanic, early defense is required until you can shift up the curve and drop fatties and/or your bomb rares. Be mindful that infect has a nasty habit of hitting you with
Untamed Might turn 5/6 on only the guy you didn’t block and thats usually goodnight gracy…

So into the first match… and was subsequently crushed by the eventual event winner (Ryan Wood) in a matter of minutes. Although I made guys the lack of removal cost me dear as I was swiftly beaten down by a tooled up training drone. Bladed Pinnions and I had no answer although my deck was packing some flyers they were just swatted aside. Following several discussions with other players, a rethink was judged to be in order so deck rebuild No. 1 began…

Build 2…

Red out, Black in… More punch was required so in came Scudder, Reaver, Rager and Fume Spitter to bolster the 3 slot. The White section ran Glint Hawk, Loxodon Wayfarer, Myrsmith and then Razor Hippogriff and Glimmerpoint Stag backed up with 2 drop artifacts to fuel the myrsmith. Played Red/green Artifact hate, with Tu Nguyen running some tech by main decking Viridian Revel and after a slow start, the additional cards told as I was outgunned in the late game by turn to slag nixing all my big guys and Tu picking off my artifacts with alarming regularity. Again the lack of removal really hampered me.

More conversation… Switch up again, at 0-2 things were not looking good… So last resort… Green/Black Infect…

Build 3…

Well, it was pretty much out of options time so EVERY infect guy went in with tainted strike, all the green removal I had and it was fingers crossed. Match three turned out to be a surprise with my deck coming out hard and fast versus U/B, winning the first game in 7 turns (The turn 4 Phyrexian Juggernaut off the back of Plague Myr and Copper Myr made things somewhat difficult for my opponent and I was holding the Golem Artisian).

Game 2, Bill stalled horrifcally and that was all she wrote unfortunately.

After showing that an infect deck can function on 7 cards I decided to give it one more round with my newest creation.

Round 4

Mirror match… Big trouble in little china… Lost this one of the back no removal forthcoming despite running it and James Telfer running Nim Deathmantle. The Deathmantle skinned me 2nd game as I lost the race due the recursive effect. *sad face*

So I would like to put forward a challenge to all you wonderful readers out there:

What deck would you build out of a pool like this, what cards would you run?
What did I do right?
Where did I go wrong?

The lack of focus in the pool made this one a really tough day and all told; I learned a few things about the format today. Thanks to everyone for their input and it will be very interesting to hear your thoughts on it, maybe there are things I still can learn.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your thoughts,

Please let us know what you think below...

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