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In the interest of national pride and all that I thought it would be nice to have a place where people can keep track of how the UK guys are doing at the PT. This is the info I have on the players, so if any of it is wrong or you have any extra info leave a comment and I’ll update it.

In no particular order (other than ballas at the top)

Dan Gardner – From Ipswich (studying in London), qualified through level 5, playing UW control
Jonno Randle – From Worcester, qualified through Level 4 // worlds top 8, playing UW control
Neil Rigby – From Nottingham, qualified through GP top 16, playing UB control
Richard Parker – From Birmingham, qualified through PTQ (London), playing monored
Nat James – From Bath, qualified through PTQ (Cardiff), unknown deck (1st PT)
Richard Bland – From Coventry, qualified through Level 5, unknown deck
Joe Jackson – From Coventry, qualified through level 3, unknown deck
Rich Moore – From Curacao (originally Colchester, I think), qualified through PTQ (nationals), unknown deck
Stuart Wright – From Frimley, qualified through PTQ (Chesham), unknown deck
Brad Barclay – From the desolate Scottish Highlands, qualified through PTQ (the Scottish one), unknown deck
Vaughn Swift // Grant Hislop – From the desolate Scottish Highlands, qualified through PTQ (Manchester), unknown deck (1st PT)
Stuart Horden – From Birmingham, qualified through PTQ (Nottingham), unknown deck
Seb Parker – From Cambridge, qualified through PTQ (Altrincham), playing UB control(1st PT)
Russel James – From Birmingham (I think), qualified through PTQ (Birmingham?), unknown deck (1st PT)
Chifley Cole – From London (originally Aussie), Qualified through PTQ (Gravesend), unknown deck (1st PT?)
Joel Grangier Carr – know literally nothing about him, but says he’s from ENG (1st PT?)

After round 1:

1-0-0: Dan Gardner, Richard Bland, Joe Jackson, Nat James, Joel Grainger-Carr, Rich Moore, Neil Rigby, Stuart Wright
0-0-1: Brad Barclay, Jonno Randle
0-1-0: Stuart Horden, Seb Parker, Grant Hislop, Richard Parker, Chifley Cole, Russel James

notables: Nat beat Kai in his first ever PT match, not bad not bad. Otherwise a strong start for UK overall

After round 2:

2-0-0: Richard Bland, Nat James, Rich Moore
1-0-1: Jonno Randle
1-1-0: Joe Jackson, Dan Gardner, Russel James, Neil Rigby, Joel Grainger-Carr, Stuart Wright, Grant Hislop, Richard Parker, Chifley Cole
0-1-1: Brad Barclay
0-2-0: Seb Parker (OBV), Stuart Horden

notables: Dan lost to Max Teets, Seb and Russel played each other, generally weak round with only 3 of 16 still undefeated

After round 3:

3-0-0: Nat James
2-1-0: Richard Bland, Richard Parker, Richard Moore, Joel Grainger-Carr, Stuart Wright, Russel James, Chifley Cole
1-1-1: Jonno Randle, Brad Barclay
1-2-0: Joe Jackson, Dan Gardner, Neil Rigby, Grant Hislop
0-3-0: Seb Parker (OBV), Stuart Horden

notables: being called Richard is good for being 2-1, Dan lost to Rich Parker (playing mono red) and is now tilted (f’ing monored), overall a much stronger round than r2

After round 4:

4-0-0: johnny nobody
3-1-0: Nat James, Joel Grainger-Carr, Rich Moore, Stuart Wright
2-1-1: Richard Bland, Brad Barclay
2-2-0: Richard Parker, Russel James, Dan Gardner
1-2-1: Jonno Randle
1-3-0: Neil Rigby, Joe Jackson, Grant Hislop
0-4-0: Seb Parker (OBVSIES), Stuart Horden

Notables: PT winner Paul Rietzl and HoF Antoine Ruel were among opponents, while Seb Parker lost to level 7 Jeremy Neeman to be eliminated from his first PT within 4 rounds

After round 5:

5-0-0: Johnny nobody and his invisible friend
4-1-0: Stuart Wright, Chifley Cole
3-1-1: Richard Bland, Brad Barclay
3-2-0: Nat James, Rich Moore, Dan Gardner, Joel G-C
2-3-0: Richard Parker, Russel James
1-3-1: Jonno Randle
1-4: Joe Jackson, Neil Rigby, Grant Hislop, Stuart Horden, Seb Parker

notables: SEB PARKER WON A MATCH! Sadly though him, stu horden, jj, rigby, danger, and (upsettingly) randle are all out before they even get the chance to prove to the world how terrible brits are at draft. On the bright side, we have 2 at 4-1 and 8 going strong with 3-2 or better, including our 2 level 5s

After round 6:

6-0-0: Johnny nobody and his pet poodle
5-1-0: Chifley “not actually English so able to win draft rounds” Cole
4-1-1: Richard bland, Brad Barclay
4-2-0: Joel, Stuart Wright
3-3-0: Rich Moore, Dan Gardner, Rich Parker, Nat James
2-4-0: Russel James, Grant Hislop, Stuart Horden
1-5-0: Seb Parker and his deflated dreams
(all others dropped)

Notables: Dan Gardner’s deck has 2 planeswalkers but he’s frustratingly terrible at winning draft rounds. DB and BB need a win for day 2 but are in the same pod, so might have to knock each other out. 9 Still in contention. My prediction: 4 make it (Chifley, DB, Sti, Witchmaw). Seb is still fighting like the little trooper he is.

After round 7:

CBA sozza boys

After round 8:

8-0-0: Ben “pretty much what all semi-pro magic players wish they were” Stark (alternates his spare time between poker, modo and travelling, has a hot gf that seems to be fine with him doing the above)
7-1-0: Chifley “showing us all how it’s done” Cole
6-1-1: Brad Barclay
6-2-0: Johnny Nobody (dropped a few rounds)
5-3-0: Stuart Wright, Nat James
All others: Who cares?

notables: my prediction was terrible (why did I back db over brad?), Sti got a BYE after starting 4-1 to make day 2 (guessing he was in a pod with 3-2s, so the other 0-2 in the pod dropped and he got the bye as a result), Brad is a sicko and 2 people made day 2 in their first PT. Also Seb Parker won THREE WHOLE ROUNDS. Shame everyone else is poopoo

Won’t be able to update tomorrow until around 4-5pm, so hopefully tu will take the initiative… (or if you want to do it get on mtguk chat and ask him if you can take over) (or if nobody cares, I’ll just do it myself when I get back home)

much love,


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