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I just wanted to say a big thank you for everyone’s contribution this past month. It is great to see such a lively chatroom and to have received so many interesting articles. This initial month has seen us grow in recognition and long may that continue. It is my sincerest hope that the MTG community here in the UK can have that focal point so that we can all communicate with each other better, especially players competing at PTQs currently taking place all over the country.

Extended is an exciting and diverse format and the best thing about it is that almost all of us still have the cards to play with. I strongly encourage everyone to actively discuss decks and the metagame so that we can put together a strong team to compete in Nagoya. We will also do out best here to provide growing levels of coverage from each PTQ so that we can all stay in touch with the latest results, if you attended a PTQ recently and would like to write a report then please do get in touch.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to say a big massive congratulations to Carrie for winning the first PTQ of the season, well done Carrie! We’d also invite Carrie and all competitors preparing for upcoming Pro Tours and Grand Prixs to come join us at our testing sessions in our tournament centre in Worcester (just Facebook for more details), or simply just get together where ever you can and test! test! test!

Players who have qualified for Pro Tour Nagoya so far.

Carrie Oliver – How I won PTQ Cambridge by Carrie Oliver (Cambridge 15/01/11)

Marco Orsini Jones – PTQ Nagoya London 1st Place Tournament Report by Marco Orsini Jones (London 22/01/11)

Matteo Orsini Jones – Bringing it Back with Baneslayers – PTQ Reading Report *1st* by Matteo Orsini Jones (Reading 19/02/11)

Daniel Merritt – Cilit Bant! – Bant! and the PTQ was won by blow up water slidesDaniel Merritt (Nottingham 20/02/11)

Seb Parker – There’s something wrong with my Blinkmoth Nexus… – PTQ Manchester Report *1st* by Sebastian Parker (Manchester 26/02/11)

Tan-Tai Ellul-Nguyen – Red Deck – You don’t need to be a good player to win with this deck! (Birmingham 12/03/11)

Let’s keep things going and good luck to everyone at the PTQs.

Jonathan Randle

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