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Day 2 draft is always nice because there’s never a late scramble for cards or writing down deck lists. Also most people like sharing their 40 card draft decks and how many BOMBS they opened instead of telling each other what same old standard or extended deck they’re playing. The draft day didn’t have the 2 rounds of team at the end of the day either so I’d be able to spend more time looking for an extended deck for the next day and most importantly the cards for that deck.

Unfortunately I threw my first draft deck away out of pure frustration so I don’t have a list of my deck for the draft. I also can’t find the deck for my second draft but I know roughly what my decks were so I’ll explain what happened the best I can without the lists to refer to.

The first draft was full of unknowns and Conrad Kolos the guy from the US team who was on my left. I remember taking Spikeshot Elder fpfp and then taking decent poison cards after that with the red cards completely dry. Pack 2 was pretty decent also and at the review period I was thinking,

‘yeh baby, mofo got the hook up!’

That was until pack 3 arrived. I literally got sweet FA from pack 3 apart from some green Spellbombs, Blight Mambas and a couple of Blackgleave Goblins thus making my deck all ‘schizo’, half good and half bad. My deck ended up being GBr poison splashing for galvanic blast off the 2 spellbombs because I was short on decent playables. My deck had a decent curve and if I could draw the non-gash part of it and curve out ok I’d stand a good chance of getting at least a positive record.

Draft 1 Round 1: Mong from Taiwan with girl hair.

This guy’s haircut was really bad and he also kept whispering to himself really loudly throughout the match which is actually a decent strategy vs. me because I tilt pretty easily when people do spacky stuff like that.

Game 1 looks decent for me until he got to 5 mana and made Prescursor Golem. He continued to not draw anymore land for the rest of the game and just good spells that cost less than 5. Must be nice.

Game 2 I curve out well and get early beats with Ichorclaw Myr. Turn 5 he has the Precursor again but I untap, draw galvanic blast, sacrifice spellbomb to get a mountain, make corpse cur returning nothing, get metalcraft so I can machine gun his gay little boy band of golems and I easily win from there.

Game 3 I make turn 2 Ichorclaw Myr and he starts moaning about how I always have it turn 2. He then makes Precursor Golem again but this time on turn 6 because he didn’t draw his 5th land until then. Again, must be friggin nice. I obviously don’t have the answer for it this time and lose. I storm off leaving him to whisper to himself about how good he is and go and get an Aquarius to try and stop myself tilting for the next round.

During this break between rounds myself and Randle come up with what would be a top8 making formula, (for Randle anyway). The pre and post Aquarius piss with the standard fag break in between. It was simple but yet so effective. We would after each of us finished our round, meet up and go for a piss together in a perfectly heterosexual way. Then fag outside, followed by Aquarius from the vending machine at 120 yen. Then another piss after that to complete the process and then we both felt comfortable and ready for the next round. JR only lost 1 more match after following this routine up until Sunday. I think I missed it after one round and that probably cost me top 8 so for tournaments coming up I’m going to focus on religiously following winning formulas such as this.

So after the ‘Aquarius routine’ I was ready to win the next round of my draft.

Draft 1 Round 2: Tulio Jaudy. Modo grinder from Brazil.

I’ve seen this guys name on Modo before so I figured he must be decent.

Game 1 he chose to draw. He was playing grindlock. I won that game.

Game 2 he kept a 1 lander with fume spitter and necropede in it which is fair enough considering that it’s really hard for me to get past. At some point he was up to 5 mana and I had him on about 6 poison, with a couple of guys out and nothing in hand but land. I was pretty sure his hand was all gas and was preparing myself for game 3 until he just scooped. I was confused and he showed me 2 volition reins with only 2 islands in play and more lands in his hand. Sweet!

Draft 1 Round 3: Guy from IDN I don’t remember.

I have no recollection of this match whatsoever. All I remember was after the match I bent my deck in half and threw it in the bin. Surprisingly it made me feel a lot better to take the stress out on some crappy G/B cards.

1-2ing the first draft was so frustrating because I felt like I’m getting better at limited and then when I get to the Pro Tour my draft records are just really bad. If I could improve this part of my game for 2011 then I feel like I could make level 6+ without a doubt.

The second draft was better than the first mainly because I wasn’t poison and I made sure of it. Fpfp I passed a Putrefax over something like Revoke Existence simply because I just didn’t feel like ever going poison again because of the 1st draft. I took Furnace Celebration pick 3 out of a decent pack but I felt like this card is so fun and can be really powerful if you build the right deck around it. I don’t have the list but I remember my deck was URw splashing for Revoke, Arrest and 2 white Spellbombs. I ended up with 5 Spellbombs in my deck 2 Trinket Mages and 2 copies of the bomb of the format, FERRAVORE!

My deck was fun and cool and had a lot of room for some interesting plays, including making Ferravore big. A lot of people who I showed the deck to didn’t like it but I just felt happy I had a deck that wasn’t GB and had so many BOMBS (Spellbomb and Ferravore).

Draft 2 Round 1: Chinese guy who I don’t remember.

I don’t remember this guy really or what he looked like the pairings list just said he was Chinese so let’s go with that. I remember he had mana problems in the games he lost but he did keep a 1 lander in game 3, so that’s what you get for donking off baby.

Draft 2 Round 2: Danish guy with poision.

He was on my right in the draft and ended up being poison. Good job I didn’t fpfp Putrefax!

I won in 2 straight I think but I remember having 3 Neurok Replicas was just insane vs. his deck. He could never Untamed Might and the 1/4 body is just so good. I think last game I was racing him and knew he had Untamed Might with only a Stinger in play and I just left 2 mana up which meant I couldn’t lose.

Draft 2 Round 3: Lyabert

He gave the speech of ‘oh my decks not very good’ before the start of the round which I never buy. His deck ended up being decent but not great, except vs. my deck. He had Molderbeast and fatties which Furnace Celebration just has a really hard time to kill. He also had Tangle Angler and that just owned my whole deck too meaning I couldn’t block Molderbeast while everything I sacrificed pumped it up and he also had a few Spellbombs too so I was never really in either games.

I was annoyed not to 3-0 because it would have been nice after having such a gash start but at least I didn’t make a total dog’s breakfast of draft like I have done at previous pro tours. Randle went 4-1-1 and had overtook me on points meaning he could 6-0 to make top8 (pfft yeah right like that’s doable). DB (Richard Bland) also went 5-1 in this format which meant he was on the same points as me and it was just Joe Jackson (you can read Joes Day 1 report here) who was dragging down the team.

We didn’t have the team rounds so we could get an early night tonight and also look for Extended decks. After walking around trying to barn a sick deck off anyone decent I could find I saw my best Japanese buddy Yoshihiko Ikawa (top 8 in San Diego) who was testing Extended with his little buddies. I asked him what he was playing and he said Faeries which is a deck I’m fine with because it’s blue and has Cryptic Command. I decided if I could get a list I’d play it seeing as he had tested a bunch and it was better than getting a deck off the magic online daily events archive. It took about 10 minutes for me to explain what 10% of a share in me is to him but once he understood he was obviously honoured that I asked him. He wrote down a list and some suggestions if I wanted to change any numbers and explained to me what the sideboard cards were for in which matchups and I was ready to go. After barning Yoshi, then Randle barning me, he decided to play faeries too because he loves bashing out little 1/1 fliers more than anyone.

Me and Randle wanted curry obv, while I don’t really listen to what the other two were doing so we set off to the same place as on the previous night. Apparently DB had decided to follow us too, but I wouldn’t let that ruin my meal. The curry actually tasted better this time, it was just like an infinitely better version of Catsu Curry you get from Wagamama’s or wherever back home.

We finished our meal then went to walk for the shuttle and DB then told us there would be one in like 2 minutes so we needed to get a move on. When we were near the bus stop you could either go up the escalator to cross the road where there were traffic lights or just gamble and run across the road while avoiding getting hit. Me and Randle having common sense decided the best way would be to run across the road just in case the bus came in front so we could hopefully stop it. DB obviously went up the escalator because I actually think he has zero common sense and his brain just works with maths and bad logic. Me and Randle ran across the road and saw a bus in the distance which was in fact our shuttle bus at the traffic lights. The bus only goes every 30 minutes so we decided that we’d rather get on the bus than wait for DB. We also didn’t think it would be good to ask the bus driver to wait for DB because he was at traffic lights, he wouldn’t be good at English, I for one didn’t really care if DB had to wait 30 minutes and finally it would be hilarious to see him try to run after the bus or just watch us wave bye to him. The bus started moving away and then the small round ball shaped guy waddled down the escalator. I tried to wave at him but he never looked and in the end the bus just drove off out of distance while me and JR ended up in hysterics for the whole 20 minute journey back to our hotel.

We got back then I realised that most of the Faerie deck I’d need DB had so I was hoping he wasn’t going to have a barnaria attack when we got back about how we left him there on his own. In the end I made up a story that we were knocking on the bus window trying to shout his name and he eventually got over it and I had nearly the whole deck (haha). We got to bed early and were hoping we’d have a good nights sleep ready to smash some barns in the morning!

On to day 3…


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