Standard Budget Building… Little Guy Sligh By Gaz Hirst

Standard Budget Building… Little Guy Sligh By Gaz Hirst

Sligh… 20 creatures, 20 spells, 20 land… 1 and 2 drop all the way.

Fast and furious and no frills, this deck archetype has always had a place in the metagame in some form or another. It’s ability to bring pressure early in the game and simplicity to play have always made Sligh a great place for new players to start, but has often been looked down upon for this very reason.

However with a new set comes a new perspective and following on from the resurgence in Red Deck Wins I have decided to experiment in cheap Sligh…

Gaz Hirst’s Little Guy Sligh.

4X Goblin Guide

4x Vampire Lacerator

4x Pulse tracker

4x Goblin Bushwhacker

4x Memnite

4x Lightning bolt

4x Arc Trail

4x Duress

4x Devastating Summons

4x Dark Tutelage

4x Blackcleave Cliffs

4x Dragonskull Summit

4x Lavaclaw Reaches

4x Mountain

4x Swamp


4x Vendetta

4x Burst Lightning

3x Flame Slash

4x Quest for the Gravelord

Cheap and cheerful.

Not gonna win me any awards for being original but will win games. The basic premise of this deck type is to dump as many creatures as possible to the board, smack your opponent about a bit then finish the job with burn.

So let’s take a look at how we do this by examining the parts of the deck:


Cheap and cheerful but costed very carefully. Each creature offers power and toughness levels above what you usually get for it’s mana cost.

Goblin Guide – 1 mana for a 2/2 with haste. Simply put the best red 1 drop in the game.

Memnite – It’s a free 1/1 allowing you to power out 2 or creatures first turn.

Goblin Bushwhacker – 1 mana 1/1. It’s the kicker that it’s here for +1/0 and haste for the team.

Vampire Lacerator – 1 mana for a 2/2 again. The life loss is not significant as the game should be over quickly.

Pulse Tracker – 1 mana for a 1/1. It’s ability let’s it punch at 2 damage a turn so it makes the cut.


Lightning Bolt – 1 mana, 3 damage, instant speed. No 1# Burn spell of choice.

Arc Trail – 2 mana for a sorcery may seem a bit pricey for this deck but it’s ability to potentially remove 2 blockers make this card worth having.

Duress – 1 mana… No Day of Judgment/Pyroclasm/point removal etc for your opponent to ruin your day with.

Dark Tutelage – 3 mana is expensive for this deck but the card drawing effect keeps giving you gas to maintain pressure.

Devasting Summons – 1 mana for 2 creatures is pretty good, but with the mana curve being so low this allows you to sacrifice excess land for additional creatures and has great synergy with Goblin Bushwhacker.

The Sideboard.

The sideboard is basically cheap removal, some additional burn and the quest is for decks which are heavy on sweepers such as pyroclasm.

Vendetta went in over Doom Blade (before you ask why… the answer is forthcoming…) as the deck really has no late game as is often the way with this kind of deck; so the life loss is negligible. Koth of the Hammer is an option for the deck– but remember this is a budget deck.

This deck is cheap by current standards and the majority of the decks expense is in the mana base (12 rare lands) and the Goblin Guides but an alternative to the lands are Akoum Refuge over Lavaclaw Reaches to further reduce costs.

This is an ideal deck type for those new to the game or those of you looking to play a competitive but wallet friendly deck. So give it a go and Bully’s beware… it’s time for the little guys to strike back!

Thanks for reading and remember to share and comment!

Gaz Hirst

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