Shared Discovery – The Extended PTQ Schedule for Nagoya 2011 by Rob Wagner

Shared Discovery – Extended’s Lands Part 1 by Rob Wagner

Hi all!

Not even an hour ago, Rik Powell posted the dates for the forthcoming Extended PTQ season:

which is reproduced here for your convenience:

Location Date Store Contact Information
Cambridge Sat 15 Jan Inner Sanctum Collectibles
David Lloyd Centre
Coldham’s Business Park
Coldham’s Business Park
Reading Sat 19 Feb Ecclectic Games
Penta Hotel Reading
Oxford Road
Dublin Sat 19 Feb Gamers World
Jervis Street
Dublin 4
Nottingham Sun 20 Feb Mondo Comico
Nuthall Community Centre
NG16 1DP
Dundee Sun 20 Feb Highland Games
98 Anfield Road
Manchester Sat 26 Feb Fan Boy Three
17 Newton St
M1 1FZ
Birmingham Sat 12 Mar Magic Geek
Quality Hotel
Hagley Road
B16 9NZ

As you can see the main dates for your diary are as follows:

15th Jan – Cambridge

19th&20th Feb – Reading, Dublin, Nottingham and Dundee

26th Feb – Manchester

12th Mar – Birmingham

I hope you’re not previously occupied on the weekend of the 19th and 20th Feb because that is one bolt-load of PTQs! For those in and around the midlands it looks like the Reading-Nottingham combo will pay off. Things get more interesting for Dublin and Dundee as traditionally the Irish and Scottish PTQers would travel to one another’s events with all the English thinking they’re both too far away. Will they make arrangements for a special overnight flight or will these two PTQs simply be easy fodder for their respective locals?

I, myself, plan to be at Cambridge only but Reading + Nottingham + Manchester + Birmingham serves as a nice backup plan :p. Another thing to note is that only Cambridge occurs before the release of Mirrodin Besieged – this means that the Extended metagame will change extremely quickly over the one mega weekend so you should bring all the cards you could conceive playing with you.

What are your thoughts on the PTQ schedule? Which of these are you planning to attend?

Rob Wagner

Please let us know what you think below...

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