mtgUK – Together we are better

mtgUK – Together we are better

Hello and welcome to mtgUK!

It has long been a passion of mine to bring Magic communities together and as editor-in-chief I shall continue in my endeavour to achieve this goal. Our ambition is to provide the Magic community with an open platform to help connect ideas, stories, insights and strategies.

We will soon have our own set of featured writers from amongst the best players in the country as well as representatives from the international stage. We also make it our policy to accept submissions from anyone who wants to kindly contribute. We believe that through sharing we will become better and with your help we can create an environment that is conducive to positive learning and fun, within all areas of the game.bouncy castles for sale

Please now go ahead and check out what others have kindly contributed below, and remember to offer our contributors your feedback by posting Comments.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for sharing.

Jonathan Randle

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