Back In Black, MBC in Standard by Gaz Hirst

Back In Black, MBC in Standard by Gaz Hirst

Magic and history, both of these things tend to repeat themselves, archetypes come and go and I recently decided to revisit an archetype which for the most part has been largely forgotten about since 1999 when Jakub Slemr dropped this little beauty on the world championship…

Jakub Slemr M.B.C Worlds 1999

1 [card]Bottle Gnomes[/card]

1 [card]Phyrexian Negator[/card]

3 [card]Phyrexian Plaguelord[/card]

3 [card]Ravenous Rats[/card]

2 [card]Ticking Gnomes[/card]

2 [card]Corpse Dance[/card]

3 [card]Cursed Scroll[/card]

4 [card]Dark Ritual[/card]

4 [card]Diabolic Edict[/card]

4 [card]Duress[/card]

4 [card]Powder Keg[/card]

1 [card]Rapid Decay[/card]

2 [card]Stupor[/card]

1 [card]Vampiric Tutor[/card]

3 [card]Yawgmoth’s Will[/card]

2 [card]Spawning Pool[/card]

15 [card]Swamp[/card]

1 [card]Volrath’s Stronghold[/card]

4 [card]Wasteland[/card]

An awesome deck which powered out the hand disruption then sniped at you with the Cursed Scroll whilst applying pressure with the Plaguelord, [card]Spawning Pool[/card] and the Negator. I played against this deck several times after my friend bought the deck and the deck wrecks havoc by controlling the tempo of the game with a minimal board presence creating a “virtual” card advantage, after all what good is a removal spell without a target? leaving a “dead” card in your opponents hand. The strength of the deck however comes from the recursive element given by the [card]Yawgmoth’s Will[/card] and corpse dance allowing you to replay the powerhouse cards from the graveyard as this effectively let’s you run 8 [card]Duress[/card], [card]Diabolic Edict[/card] and [card]Powder keg[/card].

How does this relate to the current metagame you may be thinking? [card]Yawgmoth’s Will[/card] is on the banned/limited list along with Cursed Scroll so surely this deck archetype is substandard without such powerful cards. I was under this illusion myself until I began experimenting with M.B.C. after the release of worldwake but found at that time I would be swamped by fast decks suchs as RDW and Boros before I could stabilise the game. Then along came a spider… or more precisely Scars of Mirrodin and the replacement for Powder Keg appeared in [card]Ratchet Bomb[/card] and an idea started to form…

4x [card]Ratchet Bomb[/card]

3x [card]Gatekeeper of Malakir[/card]

3x [card]Skinrender[/card]

3x [card]Lilliana’s Specter[/card]

3x [card]Mimic Vat[/card]

3x [card]Duress[/card]

3x [card]Inquistion of Kozilek[/card]

3x [card]Grasp of Darkness[/card]

3x [card]Everflowing Chalice[/card]

3x [card]Mind rot[/card]

2x [card]Lilliana Vess[/card]

1x [card]Sorin Markov[/card]

1x [card]Ob Nixilis[/card]

2x [card]Wurmcoil Engine[/card]

4x [card]Marsh Flats[/card]

4x [card]Tectonic Edge[/card]

24x [card]Swamp[/card]


3x [card]Sadistic Sacrament[/card]

3x [card]Doom Blade[/card]

3x [card]Disfigure[/card]

3x [card]Mind Sludge[/card]

3x [card]Vampire Hexmage[/card]

This is the current evolution of standard deck. It plays as a reactive deck, offering your opponent little or nothing of value to interact with whilst using 2 for 1 cards such as Gatekeeper, Specter and Skinrender to establish a board position until the heavy hitters of the deck hit the table. The interesting card here is the [card]Mimic Vat[/card] as it has great synergy with most of the decks creatures as well as allowing you to “borrow” your opponents creatures. The Vat has many uses but with the amount of removal in the deck, killing one of your own creatures for a reusable effect at an instant speed helps the deck control the battlefield without losing cards in hand.

The sideboard is specific to certain types of match up so let’s look at each card and the specific matchs it’s intended for [card]Sadistic Sacrament[/card]: Control, Eldrazi/Valakut Ramp. This card is used to target specific parts of these decks, Vs the control match up [card]Jace, the Mind Sculptor[/card] is the primary target. Ramp decks I tend to chose my target after using duress or inquistion turn 1 or 2 but the targets are [card]Primeval Titan[/card], Valakut, the Eldrazi or the [card]Eldrazi Temple[/card] / [card]Eye of Ugin[/card] dependant on what my opponent has in hand. After all what’s the point in targeting a Titan if they have one in hand when taking the Valakuts stops them from shooting great holes in you?

[card]Doom Blade[/card]: One word…. [card]Baneslayer Angel[/card]. This card is the punch to remove bigger threats which you may not be able to deal with say the gatekeeper and grasp of darkness is not enough.

[card]Disfigure[/card]: This is cheap and cheerful Anti aggro removal, kills most weenies dead for 1 mana at instant speed. Job Done.

[card]Mind Sludge[/card]: Versus control it’s simple, stick a mind sludge and they are in a world of trouble.

[card]Vampire Hexmage[/card]: Two fold really, versus aggro/RDW this cards first strike is useful as well as increasing the creature count for blocking. Secondly the obvious use, Planeswalkers…. Hexmage and mimic vat = 3 mana, destroy target Planeswalker.

There we have it, MBC, although still considered a “rogue” choice by many,– it is however –in humble opinion quite viable for the standard environment.

It’s been a while and I quote AC/DC…

“Yes, I’m back, Well, I’m back, back, I’m back in black, Yes, I’m back in black….”

Gaz Hirst

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