Altering Commander: The Sissay Project by James Griffin

Altering Commander: The Sissay Project by James Griffin

Hi all,

I love EDH (I know, I know, Commander) – it’s awesome.  Why?  I like being able to play with a whole variety of cards that I otherwise wouldn’t, I like ridonculous combos, overkill and generally casual play.  I love the variance between games (no Valakut mirror matches here), and finally I love how flavoursome it can be with your Commander…. err… commanding the game.  Maybe the name change is good after all!  Building a Commander deck has possibly been the most fun experience of my magic playing career so far.  I’ve built Eight-and-a-half-Tails, and its a blast to play.  Lots of spot removal, and loads of sweepers lead into “Baneslayer Tiriel, the Ascendent Keeper of Silence”, or some such fatty.  It’s really good at stalling long enough to drop big stuff, and I shall be keeping it together for sure.  However, I built it largely by going ‘ooh, that looks fun’ as I browsed trade binders, which has resulted in me getting beaten rather a lot as I begin to appreciate the meta.  Aah well, you live and learn!

Why should you care about any of this?  Because I have another hobby.  I paint miniatures such as this:

This hobby gives me much happiness and fulfillment.  I’ve been seeing people’s modified cards, and it occurs to me that I’d enjoy this new challenge.  I’ve always been the sort of person who needs a target (I chased a golden demon award for my miniature painting for years before getting one) and part of the fun is having that goal.  What could my goal be?  EDH.  A deck.  I’ve had some positive feedback for my current general:

and so wouldn’t it be cool to alter an entire EDH deck? By the time Commander is released?

Uh oh…

why does my mind do these things to me?

Don’t want to.

Want to.

Something I should explain… it’s the way my brain works… At this point, I’m destined to go for it, I can’t back down from a challenge like this, even if it came from my own mind (ok maybe I am a little strange).  There are a couple of minor ‘issues’ with this project:

  1. A solid deck concept.
  2. Maintaining motivation.
  3. Card availability.

Lets break tackle the first of these.  What deck to build?  That’s gotta start with what Commmander to take.  A long look on the internet gives me a short list.  Basically, I want to paint all of the legendary creatures, there are so many really cool ones.  Teeg, Iona, Drana, Akroma and Rakka, are all examples really characterful cards that would be fun to build around as well as alter.  All of a sudden I have a brain wave.  What about Sisay?  She’s characterful, although I’m no fan of the artwork, but she can find a bunch of legendary creatures.  I love toolboxes in magic, I don’t care that it’s not competitive at the moment, my RUG Shaman deck for standard is so much fun to play, that I can’t bear to pull it apart to make something that might actually do well at an FNM.  If I use her, then I can paint a whole bunch of these cool legends.

I’m sold on Sisay.  Definitely. I played against her (and was trounced), so I reckon it’s possible to make a powerful deck from her.  To the internet!  Ok, normally I couldn’t bring myself to net deck, but I want something to work from as a base that I’m not going to be frustrated with half way through the project.  The MTGS primer serves the purpose, and is well written to boot.  Cue two straight days reading and researching every single card choice, and browsing for all possible functional alternatives.  As far as I can see, the way I would like the deck to work is by ramping to and pooping out Sisay asap, and then either fetching answers to threats such as Teeg to shut down sweepers, and generally constrain the opponent, or fetching combo pieces to really spoil your opponent’s day, such as Mindslaver and Gaea’s Cradle.

Next time I’ll describe the deck list I’ll settle on (I have to settle on it first) and figure out how to get the cards and how to keep motivation up.  Until then I’ll leave you with pics of some of my painting  efforts so far. So don’t be a Sisay, join me then (groan).  In the mean time, any thoughts on what should go in a really cool Sisay deck?

I hope that you can join me on this wonderful altered journey. Thanks for reading and I really look forward to hearing your feedbacks,

James Griffin

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