1. Snowscape - Coldsnap Theme Deck
  2. Snowscape - Coldsnap Theme Deck

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This item is for a Coldsnap Theme Deck : Snowscape

  • Snowscape

    Coldsnap Theme Deck

    Grab your mittens and a shovel, because it’s hip-deep in snow in here! With the “Snowscape” deck, you’ll harness the powerful magic of the ice to freeze out your opponents. The deck is filled with snow permanents and cards that get more powerful with snow permanents around. Get a few of them working together, and the cold won’t be the only reason your opponent will be shivering.

    Early in the game, defense is key, and Rimebound Dead is a fantastic defensive creature. You can spend any color of mana produced by any one of your lands to regenerate it. It won’t be too long before your other creatures join the fray, but most of them will be there to hold off any enemy incursions. They’ll man the snow fort while your unblockable creatures begin the assault.

    Your best offensive creatures have some sort of evasion ability. Frost Raptor, Blizzard Specter, and Storm Elemental are all flying creatures with extra abilities that’ll keep your opponent reeling. Rimefeather Owl will be flat-out immense: Its power and toughness are each equal to the number of snow permanents in play, and every single one of your lands is snow. Of course, you don’t want to forget your other snow permanents, your opponent’s snow permanents, and permanents you turn snow with Rimefeather Owl or Arcum’s Weathervane. That’s not all the Weathervane is good for either. Turn just one of your opponent’s lands snow and Zombie Musher’s snow landwalk ability makes it unblockable for the rest of the game.

    Snow permanents do more than regenerate your Zombies, make your Raptors untargetable, and pump up your Owl. They also enable the abilities of your Rimewind creatures. As long as you have four lands in play, Heidar, Rimewind Master will be able to get rid of your opponent’s best permanent turn after turn. Rimewind Taskmage isn’t as powerful, but it’s more versatile: Among other uses, it can neutralize your opponent’s best attacker, untap Balduvian Frostwaker so it can turn your lands into flying creatures twice as fast, or untap Heidar to speed up the devastation.

    After trying your hand at the deck, you might want to add more punch to it. The Ice Age card Withering Wisps is a potent addition that can devastate an opposing army. Coldsnap cards worth a look include the snow lands Mouth of Ronom and Scrying Sheets—the former destroys creatures, and the latter puts extra snow cards into your hand.


Condition. Sealed Mint

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Excellent Customer service, James is a asset to the team. I really appreciate the help from Manaleak.
Very Impressed with manaleak. Great prices and British based so it's quick and cheap delivery for me in GB. The freebies are great and have found their way into my decks and have actually won me games in the past. Would recommend manaleak to anyone in the UK looking for MTG or other card based games. Bravo to the manaleak staff :)
Where do I start? I have never come across customer service as good as Manaleak's before. The gentleman who was helping me, James, was brilliantly accommodating, dealing with all my problems quickly and efficiently. I must have asked for a dozen or so amendments to my order as I changed my priorities and they were all dealt with with a swift 'No problem'. Despite all these changes, order was shipped promptly and arrived safe and sound, despite this being the New year period. Can't recommend Manaleak enough and will be sure to be ordering from them again!