1. Beginners Standard PPTQ Albuquerque (P&P Refunded)
  2. Beginners Standard PPTQ Albuquerque (P&P Refunded)

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Standard Beginners PPTQ Albuquerque at Birmingham!, West Midlands, UK

Standard Beginners PPTQ Albuquerque at Birmingham - EVERYONE IS WELCOMED!

PPTQs are the first step on your route to the Pro Tour, Magic's highest level of competitive play. Do you have what it takes to beat the best players in the area and earn your place at the next RPTQ? Find out, here at!

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in attending this event then please kindly click on "Interested" or "Going". This will greatly help our capacity to provide you with the best possible experience on the day including free refreshments, adequate tables, and staffing. If you do not wish to receive notifications for this event then you can turn off notifications for the event itself.


When? - This event takes place on Sunday 21st May. 1st round starts at 11:30am.

The shop will be open on the day from 10am, please come early to play some games, trade and pick up the cards you needs.

Our address is:
Unit 109
130 Pershore Street
The Jubilee Centre
B5 6ND

Tel. 0121 666 7164

You can find more information on our upcoming events and directions here:

Please Facebook us ASAP at:


ENTRY FEE: £14.99


You can preregister using the following link:

All "Shipping" charges will be refunded directly back into your account when your order is processed.

The winner of the tournament will receive an invite to the RPTQ for PT Albuquerque 2017.

Both first and second place are guaranteed a booster box or £80 in store credit! Prizes for Top 8 are also guaranteed and will be based on final attendance. Other prizes beyond the Top 8 may also be available based on attendance.

Preregistration cancellations: If you have preregistered and wish to cancel your ticket for any reason, then your entry fee will be refunded in full in the form of store credit.


The format for this event is Standard Constructed. This tournament is being held at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level, which means that decklists will be required (a sheet of A4 paper with your name and your full decklist will suffice). This also means that an experienced Level 2 Judge will be on hand to answer your rules questions and ensure that the day goes smoothly.

We will be running a number of rounds based on attendance (most likely 6 or 7) followed by a cut to the Top 8, which will be single elimination.


Whether you are looking for a friendly game or seeking your ultimate duel- Come and join in on the fun at Birmingham's premier trading card game tournament centre. Professionally ran events with clued-up fast and friendly staff offering the best prizes.

Do you have any questions or would like to tell us what you're thinking? Please do let us know. Our staff are friendly veteran gamers who will reply to you in a professional manner and as quickly as possible.

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4.96 / 5 Rating
24 Reviews
Excellent customer service! I contacted customer support and James from Manaleak handled the issue very well and to my satisfaction. Will definitely be purchasing from them again :D
I found the MKM guide very useful :) thank you!
What can I say, I came from Wayland's forge and have been there for some time, eventually starting my own D&D session being a DM. The tables provided with the number of players in my group wasn’t to my liking at Waylands, as it didn’t scale well with my group. Which, is understandable with the store giving priority to larger groups (My group consist of 4 players and me as DM and most other group are 6 people). This is when I contacted ManaLeak.Com Birmingham and to my surprise, one of the staff wholesomely greeted me and made me felt welcomed. Telling me that the store caters for D&D, MTG and other hobbyist traditional games, I took it to have a check with my group and book in one of the weeks. The following week, we were welcomed by friendly faces telling me the reserved table was and that refreshment were there for us. This wasn’t needed but I admire the admiration that is placed for new customers, and that my friends felt comfortable knowing that they can have something to eat whiles easing into a new environment. The store in the early afternoon is peaceful and relaxing, when it does get late, people in the store respects others presence which makes the atmosphere peaceful. The tables are must larger which helps me keep track of items instead of putting it under the table like I use to, chairs are comfortable and what I really appreciate is that there’s space so that everyone doesn’t feel cramped. Now I go there weekly with my friends, knowing a table is to our liking, were not cramped and can move tables if I feel that it’s an issue without being told off. There’s an archive full of MTG cards, if we felt like buying the singles if we wanted to play a quick MTG game and that I don’t have to shout over others to be heard as the store is quite large. A bonus is that I never felt the need to worry about snacks, drinks and light food as the store has a variety of items that are well priced to buy. One of the day this week my friend had a birthday so we thought that ordering a pizza whiles playing D&D would be great. I told the staff a day prior and he was more than happy to allow it, this was great because like I mentioned before the tables being large worked well for food we ordered which was pizzas. That was a good day and that wouldn’t happen without the store being generous, that’s why I am happy to recommend this store to anyone who are interested in TCG, board games, D&D and other games. I want to thank especially Tu Manaleak Nguyen, for helping me and my friend be regular customers.