1. 1 x MTG Lucky Dip (3 x MTG Rares + 12 Uncommon/Common Cards)
  2. 1 x MTG Lucky Dip (3 x MTG Rares + 12 Uncommon/Common Cards)

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1 x MTG Lucky Dip (3 x MTG Rares + 12 Uncommon/Common cards) Magic: The Gathering Repacks

1 x MTG Lucky Dip (3 x MTG Rares + 12 Uncommon/Common cards)

Magic: The Gathering Repacks

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This item is for 3 x Magic The Gathering Rares plus 12 Bonus Cards!

This item is for 1 pack of at least 15 randomly assorted Magic The Gathering cards. Each pack will contain at least 3 RARES which may be one or more of the cards shown in the picture, listed below or other extremely chased rares. We will also include 12 MORE BONUS MTG CARDS! Not every pack will contain a card pictured or listed in this auction but will contain at least 3 RARES and 12 BONUS MTG CARDS! Cards may be from Beta right up to the newest sets.

How we pack our Lucky Dips.

1. At the beginning of the month we make sure that all of the cards pictured or listed are in stock and place them all into a large container.

2. We then add a large collection of rares into the same container and carefully but thorough stir the cards to get a good mix. This is called the Rares Container.

3. We then use another container and add a greater collection of unsorted commons, uncommons, and foils. This is called the Bonus Container.

4. A shipping staff then randomly picks up 12 cards from the Bonus Container and 3 cards from the Rares Container, safely pack them together in a protective and secure plastic envelope.

5. These hundreds of packs are then placed back into our Repacks Container ready for your purchase.

Keep an eye out for the following extremely chased cards in our Lucky Dips!

Bitterblossom, Cryptic Command, Mutavault, Garruk Wildspeaker, Liliana Vess, Oona's Prowler, Profane Command, Scion of Oona, Sower of Temptation, Thoughtseize, Chameleon Colossus, Murmuring Bosk, Reveillark, Oversoul of Dusk, Wilt-Leaf Liege, Wooded Bastion, Wrath of God, Eternal Dragon, Force of Will, Birds of Paradise, Royal Assassin, Lotus Vale, Serra Angel, Shivan Dragon, City of Brass, Mana Vault, Sengir Vampire, Sol Ring, Swords to Plowshares, Nevinyrral's Disk, Demonic Tutor, Revised Dual Lands, Strip Mine, Vesuvan Doppelganger, Ball Lightning, Fork, Clone, Akroma Angel of Wrath, Gravepact, Pain Lands, Land Tax, Ivory Tower, Tolarian Academy, Blistering Firecat, Onslaught Fetch Lands, Savannah Lions, Nightmare, Chrome Mox, Ensnaring Bridge, Blinkmoth Nexus, Lightning Bolt, Vampiric Tutor, Hymn to Tourach, Maze of Ith, Siege-Gang Commander, Mox Diamond, Mind Twist, Elvish Piper, Howling Mine, Arcbound Ravager, Lotus Vale, Rishadan Port, Decree of Justice, Wasteland, Cursed Scroll, DCI Foils, Token Cards...Beta Black Lotus!

...and many many more valuable cards!

Please note that the rares may be from pre-Exodus sets. This means that they may not have the gold rarity symbol, however please be assured that they are still rares.

All of the cards pictured, and many more from our huge inventory will be going out in these 11 card lucky dips. The cards pictured and listed above are examples of what you may receive. Although not every winner is guaranteed to receive any of the cards listed or pictured above. All of our products are carefully and securely packed then shipped out immediately. Our primary goal is your satisfaction!

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Date Added: Saturday 26 February, 2011 by dwayne wrighton
worth biting - got a Rith, the Awakener, Crypt of Agadeem, Aeon Chronicler, Experiment Kraj, Helldozer and Rite of Replication amongst others. and than there were the bonus cards.............
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