1. Guided by Nature - Commander 2014 Deck (UK Only)
  2. Guided by Nature - Commander 2014 Deck (UK Only)

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Commander 2014 Deck - Guided by Nature

Creature (31)

1 Elvish Mystic
1 Elvish Skysweeper
1 Essence Warden
1 Joraga Warcaller
1 Llanowar Elves
1 Sylvan Safekeeper
1 Elvish Visionary
1 Priest of Titania
1 Sylvan Ranger
1 Thornweald Archer
1 Wellwisher
1 Farhaven Elf
1 Imperious Perfect
1 Reclamation Sage
1 Timberwatch Elf
1 Titania’s Chosen
1 Wood Elves
1 Elvish Archdruid
1 Ezuri, Renegade Leader
1 Drove of Elves
1 Immaculate Magistrate
1 Wren’s Run Packmaster
1 Lys Alana Huntmaster
1 Masked Admirers
1 Wolfbriar Elemental
1 Silklash Spider
1 Primordial Sage
1 Rampaging Baloths
1 Soul of the Harvest
1 Tornado Elemental
1 Terastodon

Instant (2)

1 Harrow
1 Fresh Meat

Sorcery (8)

1 Hunting Triad
1 Whirlwind
1 Overwhelming Stampede
1 Overrun
1 Grim Flowering
1 Collective Unconscious
1 Desert Twister
1 Praetor’s Counsel

Enchantment (1)

1 Beastmaster Ascension

Artifact (7)

1 Skullclamp
1 Sol Ring
1 Emerald Medallion
1 Moss Diamond
1 Swiftfoot Boots
1 Seer’s Sundial
1 Predator Flagship

Other (14)

1 Creeperhulk
1 Titania, Protector of Argoth
1 Grave Sifter
1 Thunderfoot Baloth
1 Siege Behemoth
1 Lifeblood Hydra
1 Commander’s Sphere
1 Assault Suit
1 Loreseeker’s Stone
1 Song of the Dryads
1 Wolfcaller’s Howl
1 Wave of Vitriol
1 Sylvan Offering
1 Myriad Landscape

Land (36)

1 Crystal Vein
1 Evolving Wilds
1 Gargoyle Castle
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Haunted Fengraf
1 Havenwood Battleground
1 Jungle Basin
1 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
1 Slippery Karst
1 Terramorphic Expanse
1 Tranquil Thicket
25 Forest

Commander 2014

For the first time ever, you can lead your forces with a Planeswalker commander in this exciting multiplayer Magic format. Dominate the battlefield with new combinations of strength and skill. Swarm opponents with mighty creatures and arm yourself with powerful artifacts. But fight wisely, for only one commander will prevail.

Also for the first time ever, Planeswalker commanders will headline five monocolored 100-card Commander decks. There will be 61 new cards legal in eternal formats (Vintage and Legacy) but not legal in Standard, Block Constructed, or Modern, with 15 new cards in each deck.

Release Date: November 7, 2014
Magic Online Release Date: November 21, 2014
Three-Letter Abbreviation: C14
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGC14
MSRP: $34.99 (per deck)
Languages: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese Simplified
Initial Concept and Game Design: Ethan Fleischer (lead), Dan Emmons, Aaron Forsythe, James Hata, Charles Rapkin
Final Game Design & Development: Ian Duke (lead), Mark Globus, Peter Lee, Dan Emmons, Max McCall

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4.87 / 5 Rating
45 Reviews
Posted day of order and arrived next day. Some of the best prices for MTG on the web, helpful customer service team who respond quickly when you make an enquiry.
These guys cant be more highly recommended friendly and fast response happy to help. even with my 20 emails... :) trade in went smoothly... and my cards arrived the follow day Superb... will be using these guys for all my card purchasing If i had a third hand id give them three thumbs up!! :)
I'm shining, what can I say three shiny's in my 60 pack, assorted swamp and forest cards very happy and quick delivery highly recommend. Thanks manaleak.