1. Gift Card, Voucher & Certificate from (£100)
  2. Gift Card, Voucher & Certificate from (£100)

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Magic: The Gathering Gift Card, Voucher & Certificate from (£100)

Magic: The Gathering Gift Card, Voucher & Certificate from (£100)

Magic: The Gathering Gift Cards


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Date Added: Sunday 03 January, 2016 by Daniel Taylor
No Magic fan could possibly resist a gift this nice.

So in honour of the gift and giveaway, and the new year, I present 'Daniel's Entryism' - a fun casual deck design to show off the game with all five colours.

The key combo: Flameshadow conjuring. Evolutionary Leap. And a lots of cheap creatures with enters-the-battlefield effects.

Focus on green-blue for mana fixing, scry, and early defence. Splash red for your key card: Flameshadow conjuring. Once you have the key combo of two enchantments, then for the low low cost of RG every single creature you summon will:
* Have its enter-the-battlefield effect twice.
* Attack the enemy with a free hasted token copy, while the original remains ready to defend.
* Before the turn ends, replace the token with a new creature card from the deck.

Stick to creatures with only one coloured-mana in their costs, as mana fixing will be a problem at first.

Make heavy use of Origins' and Zendikar's excellent multilands. Remember to stay mostly in blue-green, splashing red, black and white with the multilands. Make sure you have enough red to play and use the Flameshadow Conjuring! (In the late game, you could even play a second one and trigger both...)

Here are some cards that play particularly well in this deck:
Gatecreeper Vine will fix your mana fast, then cycle out with Evolutionary Leap for a better creature.
Frost Lynx buys you time to build up the mana for your wins.
Bounding Krasis + Flameshadow Conjuring will give you a solid and unpredictable defence, or tap two creatures out before you attack.
Timberland Guide will pump up your other creatures quickly.
Elvish Visionary + Flameshadow + Evolutionary Leap lets you pay RGG1 for a 1/1 and draw three cards, including one guaranteed creature. A bargain.
Graveblade Marauder will take advantage of your full graveyard. (Or play Gravedigger to get it back into play!)
Dominator Drone will finish your opponent rapidly.
Separatist Voidmage can slow your opponent to a crippling degree. (In the late game, you can use the token voidmage to unsummon the card you just played, paying UR3 to unsummon a big opposing creature without using up a card.)

Sigil of Valour lets you make a high-power attack with your Flameshadow token creature, at no risk.
Shadows of the Past grants excellent deck filtering, since your tokens will trigger it almost every turn.

Have a great new year!
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars! ]
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41 Reviews
Excellent Customer service, James is a asset to the team. I really appreciate the help from Manaleak.
Very Impressed with manaleak. Great prices and British based so it's quick and cheap delivery for me in GB. The freebies are great and have found their way into my decks and have actually won me games in the past. Would recommend manaleak to anyone in the UK looking for MTG or other card based games. Bravo to the manaleak staff :)
Where do I start? I have never come across customer service as good as Manaleak's before. The gentleman who was helping me, James, was brilliantly accommodating, dealing with all my problems quickly and efficiently. I must have asked for a dozen or so amendments to my order as I changed my priorities and they were all dealt with with a swift 'No problem'. Despite all these changes, order was shipped promptly and arrived safe and sound, despite this being the New year period. Can't recommend Manaleak enough and will be sure to be ordering from them again!