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Notice & Conditions

Notice & Conditions

Please note that if you are ordering pre-Unlimited cards, the edition(s) of the card(s) sent will be based on what we have in stock. This system is designed to reduce unnecessary sorting and provide an efficient turnaround time. This saving is then passed onto you by allowing us to keep our prices low and increase the speed in which we can get your order to you.

However we do completely appreciate that some of our customers may have very special requirements and so we are happy to say that we are also firmly set up to cater for these needs no matter how specific. If you would like your card(s) to be from a certain edition then please always contact us first with your requirements and I will make sure that your order is how you need it to be.


Card Conditions

MINT (M) - A perfect condition card.

NEAR MINT (NM) - A near mint card might have minor imperfections, but has no obvious signs of wear. Unless otherwise stated, this is the default condition for all listings.

EXCELLENT (EX) - An Excellent condition card will show minor signs wear around the edges from shuffling. No obvious wear in the middle of the card.

EXCELLENT/PLAYED (EX/PLD) - This condition of this card ranges somewhere between Excellent and Played.

PLAYED (PLD) - A Played card will have obvious signs of wear from play and shuffling, but it will not have any creases or tears or other serious damage (water, ink etc).

POOR (POOR) - A Poor condition card has serious imperfections and/or damage.

LANGUAGES - All cards are in English unless stated otherwise in the description and/or item title.


Order Fulfilment Terms of Conditions

Regrettably errors do happen, normally as a result of abnormal data pulled in by our automatic pricing program. Please be assured that in the unlikely eventuality that this happens, we will correct the error and email you with an explanation of what happened. As such, we withhold the right to cancel and refund any purchases we are unable to fulfil for any reason, including buyouts. We truly appreciate your business and will always operate in a manner that is just and fair.

We reserve the right to restrict an order for any single item to 4 copies maximum. In the unlikely eventuality that this happens, a full refund will be issued for the remaining copies.

By buying from us, you are agreeing that you have fully read and understand the above Terms of Conditions.


Thank You, from all of team at