1. Birmingham Friday Night Magic (FNM)
  2. Birmingham Friday Night Magic (FNM)

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Birmingham Manaleak Friday Night Magic (FNM), West Midlands, UK

MTG - Friday Night Magic Birmingham (FNM) - Every Friday!

Schedule & Formats:

1. The ranked FNM format for this date is: Modern and Standard

2. We will also be hosting casual Commander

Friday night is of course, Friday Night Magic (or FNM for short). FNMs are the very basic entry-level tournaments for Magic, suitable for players of literally every skill level. Whether you've been playing for years or you're just starting out, FNM has something for everyone. We play 3 formats every night: Standard, Modern and Commander. Just pick the one that suits you the best and jump right in!

Each of our Standard and Modern FNMs are just £6 to enter and you'll win a booster pack or £3 store credit for every round that you win (with 4 rounds happening each night). Also, the best part about FNM, is that you can also win cool foil promo cards! We will naturally award these promos to anyone who can win all 4 of their matches, but we also try to reward cool plays and interesting decks throughout the night. The promo for FNM changes every month, so keep coming back and you can get even more to add to your collection.

FNM starts at 7pm and ends around 10:30pm-11pm. Commander players can come at any time. Players are encouraged to arrive at the store as early as possible to get cards, collect orders, trade, have some casual games and also avoid the last minute rush. We are open from 10am every day and players start arriving from 3pm week days.


When? - FNM event takes place every Friday from 7pm.

Our address is:
Unit 109
130 Pershore Street
The Jubilee Centre
B5 6ND

Tel. 0121 666 7164

You can find more information on our upcoming events and directions here:

Please Facebook us ASAP at:

Opening Hours:

Mondays - Fridays: 10am - 11pm including Bank Holidays!

Saturdays & Sundays: 10am - 8pm unless there is an event on. If there is an event on then we are open from 10am until whenever the event finishes, and not before 8pm.



Entrance - £6

You will get a booster pack or £3 store credit for every round you win.

4 x FNM Promo cards goes into the prize pool.


Entrance - £12.00
CASUAL GAMES (with prize support)

Entrance - £6

You will get a booster pack or £3 store credit for every round you win.

CASUAL GAMES (without prize support)

Entry - FREE


The DCI® is giving players in a growing number of countries and stores the opportunity to play in a weekly event and have a shot at cool FOIL prize cards in the process. FNM is designed to keep the play style casual. For example:

FNM events have significantly less impact on players' ratings than most tournaments prize cards are available to participants in other ways than just to the winners and for rules enforcement, the emphasis is on teaching players the correct ways to play.

To make it easier to participate, Friday Night Magic events may be Standard Constructed, Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, or Two-Headed Giant (Standard or Sealed). (Contact the store near you to see what formats are offered.) Keeping these formats makes it easier for new players to participate, and you only have to remember three things: Pack your Standard deck remember where the tournament is happening, and what time it starts.


We will be running side events all day up to 11pm. As soon as enough people sign up for one- we'll run it! Great prize give-aways included as usual.

Whether you are looking for a friendly game or seeking your ultimate duel- Come and join in on the fun at Birmingham's premier trading card game tournament centre. Professionally ran events with clued-up fast and friendly staff offering the best prizes.

Do you have any questions or would like to tell us what you're thinking? Please do let us know. Our staff are friendly veteran gamers who will reply to you in a professional manner and as quickly as possible.

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Friendly enviroment
"Went in the store , everything is really nice .. but I asked for certain card for standard format.. but later on I found that they are M15 set.. "